Meeting Face to Face


There are a number of reasons that we first and foremost meet in-person to run an assessment. We receive a lot of scams and so this is one way of making sure that someone is willing to take the first step in a complimentary assessment.

With this no-cost assessment, that we are able to gauge things like range of motion, availability, personality, and where the starting point is as that is always different for each person.

“Once you are exercising regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it”

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Sometimes all it takes is encouragement, accountability, or simply a betterment of knowledge in not only health but yourself as well. We want to help!


Check-In and Accountability

Online Fitness

We know that there are different types of people out there. The online program is custom to each individual. Not only is it about the workout aspect, but the dieting and support accessibility as well..

This program will be over a 12 week period to really make sure that everything is being hit and maintained throughout the program.

You will be given tools and resources to help you on your fitness journey. This will include things like Cardio and Mobility routines, flexible diet routines, using the free weights you can store in your own home working on things like Big-Compound lifts.


Here For You

Support for you journey whenever you need it.

Not only do you receive workout tools to help you succeed in the gym, but the support is provided to help you outside the gym too.

With the Facebook  Group Support, you can check in with Coach John and others like you who are also on this journey. You will also gain access to the Liberty Fitness App where we have demos, tutorials, you can track results, and evn contact Coach John!

That’s why with newworkouts every 4 weeks, weekly group calls, and help managing the things that usually trip us up like time, habits, and mindset….. that you can become successful in your fitness journey if you choose!

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Sometimes things happen in life, and that’s OK. We want to be able to communicate that with you when something happens.


What We Do

Learn about our different services and what we offer and how it might be able to help you become the better you!

In-Person Program

Push your limits

Hands-on direction, support, and accountability. Perfect for anyone who’s starting out or starting over!

Hybrid Program

Accountability Anytime

We show you the ropes hands-on, then you crush your goals while we support you remotely so you can enjoy the flexibility of an online program before we see you again.